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Providing VoIP implementation, support and coordination to small business is our focus.


Rather than needing a phone vendor, a computer vendor and cabling company, BizBox can coordinate multifaceted technologies into an integrated solution.  Working with your suppliers we can work with your team to ensure a successful project.  BizBox can truly be your partner in business, we have a depth of expertise that allows us to understand the advantages and impact that technology has on your bottom line. Houston VoIP

Located in Katy, TX, BizBox is a Veteran owned, family company.  Our goal is provide quality service in a courteous and timely manner.  There are plenty of people that can supply and repair traditional phone systems. The future is with VoIP, utilizing the Internet to deliver world class communications to small business.  Sucessful VoIP implementation requires understanding networking and communications technology.  BizBox has the experience to deliver, maintain and support your telecommunications needs.  Telephones are a mission critical component of any small business.  If the phones don't ring, something is wrong.  Houston VoIP

BizBox is a Master Telecom agent and has partner agreements that allow us to offer ISP and telephony services from variety of world class providers. 


We would be most pleased to have the opportunity to work with you. 

BizBox LLC Houston's VoIP Specialist. Houston VoIP