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"Houston's VoIP Specialist."

BizBox is Houston VoIP specialist, providing Telephony services and consulting. We are dedicated to providing cost saving to our customers by selecting the best products and services for their need and budget.

BizBox's focused is on providing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions to business customers.  There are many approaches to utilizing the Internet to delivery phone service.  BizBox has been implementing VoIP since 2005. Our experience and network experiance allows us to deliver a powerful platform for you business communications.

BizBox takes the time to to listen individual concerns and translate that into cost effective implementations. Taking the time to listen results in telephony savings to our customers.  Reducing telephony cost 25%+ is very routine.  In one case we cut the overall cost of service from $1,750 to $800, that represents close to $12,000 per year savings. Utalizing VoIP Now you can take advantage of VoIP cost saving with no change to existing phones, simply by replacing current service provider with a VoIP offering. 

Tired of confusing bills that detail additional cost and taxes that cause your bill to grow 30-50%, VoIP billing is simple straightforward and only has a single 10% USF tax imposed by FCC.

We are not one size fits all, but we can save most business significant money on communications cost,  with little to no out of pocket expense.

VoIP Now

VoIP Now is a low cost way to gain the savings of VoIP with no upfront hardware replacement.  VoIP Now uses your existing phones and phone system.  Replacing existing analog (POTS) service with VoIP could not be simpler and more cost effective.  Basic metered Sip trunk cost $9.99 per month, unlimited calling US and Canada $24.99. Customers keep existing numbers or can get additional numbers. This provides caller ID name/number and is 911 certified. Line replacement service can be used with any phone or PBX system.

Premise based PBX

A PBX that will physically reside at a location of your choosing. There are many reason to own your own PBX.  Size of your organization, technical competence, or  preference to purchase and own.  Premise based solutions has the great advantage of being more customized to support your business.  You have more flexibility in features and customization. Which solution is right for your business can only be determined by discussing you situation, gathering information, reviewing available products to determine the most cost effective solution to save money and improve operational efficiency.

BizBox will evaluate your current ISP Internet service provider) telephony supplier and prepare an offering that will reduce you saving is excess of 25%.

Hosted Service

Hosted PBX or Virtual PBX means that the phone features are provided by cloud computing, with service provided over the Internet. This solution replaces your existing telephone system and provides a rich feature set of services delivered over the Internet. Feature list can be view in the PBX section, but the list of services is impressive. VoIP phones will be required. These as well as other required hardware can be purchased or leased with a wide range of phones choices. One of the major advantages of this approach is there is no ongoing maintenance or service charges. It is like the old days one call